Imagine something as simple as your household blinds could be automated? They could rise to welcome the new day, sense the level of warmth of an afternoon and close, or acknowledge you are intent on watching the latest release movie in a cinema-style environment and respond accordingly? Well, automated blinds are just one feature of the modern smart home.

Automated blinds are a simple thing that makes a world of difference and offers a supreme level of convenience. So, let’s investigate the very real and useful reasons why you might consider automating your blinds.

The role of blinds

Household fittings like blinds and curtains are rarely considered glamorous but they play an essential role in the function and livability of any home. They enable ambient heating and cooling via the level of sunshine they allow in, set a feel for the home, offer ultimate privacy and arise or part to welcome the new day.

Put simply blinds and curtains are the oft-underestimated aids that transform a house into a home. Meanwhile, automation takes the function of blinds and curtains to the next level, enabling intuitive living where blinds these soft furnishings anticipate your needs and respond before you have to ask.

Good morning, sunshine!

With just a series of simple words or the toggle of a smart phone switch light can flood your house and welcome in the new day courtesy of automated blinds. It’s as easy as setting up a morning scene where blinds are programmed to gently open as the alarm sounds or at your voice command.

Temperature control

External blinds and awnings have long been renowned as some of the most effective ways of cooling a home, while internal blinds and curtains also reduce the temperature by blocking the sun’s glaring rays. But what if your internal and external blinds could automatically respond to conditions?

Say it’s summer and your home’s interior temperature reaches 28 degrees. Rather than the cooling system kicking in or your home sweltering through the heat, internal and external blinds could play an automated role in regulating the temperature.

Meanwhile, in winter they could play a vital role in allowing this valuable heat to come in, allowing in sunshine and warming your property long before you arrive home from work.


Not only are blinds, curtains and awnings highly effective, they save valuable resources including electricity usage and expense. The cooling element or ambient heating offered by automatic blinds could shave hundreds off your electricity bill and consumption throughout the course of a year.


A modern function of blinds is to allow for total block out when it comes to home entertainment. Fancy an afternoon movie? Command your blinds to close as you set the scene for an afternoon’s entertainment. It can be as simple as “Hey Alexa, play Master and Commander” – the TV turns on, video streaming kicks off, and the blinds in your media room automatically close.


Blinds aren’t all fun features and ambient temperatures, they also fulfill the very real function of offering privacy in the home. Imagine at nightfall your lights came on and the blinds automatically closed to afford you night-time privacy.

The final word

The art of smart home is in intuitively automating everyday tasks that a home owner normally undertakes. Blinds may appear a simple feature, but the accumulation of benefits that automation offers allows you to save time, money and resources within the home.

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