How much does a smart home cost?



How much does a smart home cost? That’s one of the most common questions many people have about transforming their current property into a smart home or integrating smart technology into a new build.

Well the answer is…it’s often a lot more affordable than you think. And now Lera Smart Home Solutions has two user-friendly calculators to assist.

Debunking some myths about smart homes cost

There’s often a misconception that installing smart home technology or building it into your new home is expensive.

That once might have been the case, but as smart technology has evolved and simplified, it has also become more affordable.

Now, smart homes are no longer the domain of the affluent. Today you can create a smart home at fraction of what it cost previously. In fact, smart home systems are surprisingly cheap to purchase and install, and can add real value to your home in terms of ease of living, convenience, energy savings and property worth.

Lera’s smart home calculators

Simple to use and offering an immediate quote, Lera’s simple or detailed smart home calculators walk users through the key features of smart home living and offer an insight into how much it costs to transform your home.

The calculators allow users to not only understand the features they may wish to utilise, but the convenience smart home living can offer.

The simple smart home calculator

The simple smart home calculator offers a basic guide of some of the most common smart home features and their cost.

It helps home owners tally the totals of items like lighting, security, and sound packs.


From the kitchen to the living area and bedrooms, smart lighting can transform the look and functionality of a home.

Put simply, smart lighting allows lights to turn on and off on command, or interact as part of a greater scene.

The benefits of employing it range from ambience to security, energy efficiency and more. But like many areas of the smart home, it’s true potential is not realised in single smart light fixtures, but when entire lighting systems are automated and interact together.

Automated lighting allows you to create scenes using sensors and activators and effectively it means at the touch of a button or by voice you can transform the lighting anywhere in your home.

Depending on the areas where you have it installed, you can switch off the lights in the lounge from the comfort of your bed, turn on the garden lights as the sun sets on a festive party, or dim the dining room lights for an intimate dinner.

The smart home calculator offers an insight into how much it costs to employ smart lighting in each area.


Whether it’s to use as an intercom to communicate with people in different areas of the home or to play music in select zones, sound is another area many people are keen to explore when it comes to smart home technology.

The calculator allows home owners to understand the cost of sound packs depending on how many areas they have in their home, and where they wish to deploy smart sound technology.

Security and alarms

Security is a key feature many people consider when weighing up smart home technology.

Smart security offers home occupants piece of mind. Including features like intercoms, CCTV and intelligent alarm systems, it allows home owners to monitor their property whether they are present or away from the residence.

Meanwhile, the cost of smart security has not only greatly reduced over recent years, the technology has vastly improved offering better image resolution and the ability to store more footage.

The simple smart home calculator looks at three key areas of security that home owners may wish to employ:

  • Security CCTV – Which uses wired cameras to gather and record video footage in a home
  • Video intercoms – Which allow home owners to answer an intercom and see who is at the door using their mobile phone.
  • Alarm packs – Comprising a keypad, outdoor siren, indoor siren and three PIR motion sensors.

Voice activation

Smart speakers are emerging as one of the most popular features of smart home technology. They allow home owners to control some or all areas of their property using voice command, and can also perform tasks like reading your daily schedule, playing music and searching the internet.

The smart calculator offers a guide as to the cost of integrating this voice technology and making your property truly responsive.

The detailed smart home calculator

In addition to the simple smart home calculator, Lera has also devised a detailed calculator that features a smart home starter pack and then enables home owners to add all the ideal smart home features they require to suit their needs.

Designed for the home owner who has a good idea of the features they wish to implement, this detailed calculator offers an insight into all the smart home functions, products, and technology that can be employed to make a home truly intuitive, efficient and responsive.

It includes the ability to add features like:

  • Light switch controls
  • Light, temperature, motion and vibration sensors
  • Door and window sensors
  • Dimmers
  • Motorised blind controllers
  • Garage door controls
  • Entertainment features
  • Voice activation integration

About Lera Smart Home Solutions

Lera Smart Home Solutions is a leading installer of smart home technology in the greater Sydney region. Our team boasts over 20 years’ experience in IT networking, programming and the electrical industry.

We have sourced the most reliable and cost efficient solutions from around the world to provide the very best in smart home solutions, and work with our clients to understand their needs.

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