Smart Home Automation in Inner West



Smart Home Automation in Inner West

Smart home automation in Inner West is within reach with Lera Smart Homes. This is very important for many reasons.

Home burglary is rampant. According to, in a single year, there were 228,300 households with at least one break in.

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The good news is, the ever-evolving technology will help you secure your home and automate how you run your household.

Inner West Home Automation by Lera Smart Homes

We provide installation of security and automation services in the Inner West and surrounding suburbs.

Services We Offer

security cameras installationSmart Home Security

We perform smart home security installation for your protection and peace of mind. This service includes the installation of security cameras such as Hikvision.

Home Automation

As certified Zwave and Fibaro Installers, we automate any house, whether new or old. We can perform home lighting automation, intelligent thermostat, and motorised blinds automation. We use the CBUS home automation for this particular service.

Installation of Alarm Systems

We enhance your home security by integrating an alarm system with your smart home security system. This alarm system consists of an indoor and outdoor siren, and motion sensors. When an intruder enters your property, the motion sensors activate the siren.

Entertainment System

We will connect your entertainment system to your smart home hub. With this system, you can play your favourite music or listen to the latest news with voice assistants.

smart home automation in Inner West

Voice Activation

We incorporate the latest technology in your smart home system. We do this by activating a voice assistant such as Amazon Echo to control your smart home.

Smart Home Automation in Inner West vs DIY Systems

DIY home automation alternatives may seem to save you a few bucks, but if there is one thing you should never scrimp on, it is your property security. You expose security risks and void the manufacturer warranty.

Instead, consult our licensed technician for home security and automation needs in Inner West and Sydney.

Call us now for home automation and security consultation.

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