Before we got smart

14 August, 2019

Think back 10, 20 or even 50 years and it’s incredible to think how far we’ve come in terms of smart technology that improves the comfort of our homes, along with our lifestyle. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the novel, fascinating and intriguing products that were par…

Bill shock? how smart homes curb your electricity costs

7 August, 2019

Right about now there’s a little letter in the mailbox most of us are dreading – the quarterly electricity bill. And after an icy winter where heating has been a priority, chances are the comfort of a cozy home is set to come at a high cost. Couple that with shorter days that see us…

Smart home basics you need to know

28 July, 2019

If you’re embarking on the smart home journey, chances are you have already started encountering a whole host of new concepts and terms that you’re steadily adding to your knowledge bank. Words like router, hub, internet, sensor and activator, for example. All these are commonly used in smart home speak, but they can soon become…

Will your smart home installer work with you?

21 July, 2019

One of the key things to remember about installing a smart home is that it needs to service your lifestyle effectively now and into the future. After all, creating a smart home is an investment, and if done properly, this investment should offer real value for your lifestyle and your property over many years to…

The sheer practicality of a smart home

14 July, 2019

Recent statistics which indicate half of all Australians have now commenced the smart home journey prove just how popular and widely accepted the technology has become. And, make no mistake, one of the major drivers behind its popularity is the sheer practicality an intuitive smart home can offer everyday residents and those with special needs….

Smart homes achieved through simple additions

7 July, 2019

Creating a smart home doesn’t have to involve the purchase of all new appliances or the complete rewiring of your home. Often smart home features can be achieved through the use of simple additions which transform your existing products and items into part of a smart home ecosystem. And one of these nifty little devices…

Half of all Australians have started the smart home journey

28 June, 2019

More than half of all Australian households ‘have started their smart home journey’, according to latest research from Telsyte, who recently released findings indicating five million Australian homes had at least one IoT@home device installed by the end of 2018. Meanwhile, that’s just a drop in the ocean of what’s expected to occur over the…

How do I future proof my smart home?

21 June, 2019

Smart home technology has recently entered a new era of adoption, with appliances, ecosystems and wireless communications all attaining a level of commonplace within the home and office environment. In Australia, for example, adoption of connected appliances grew 57 per cent in the past 12 months to a value $1.1 billion, according to research form…

Apple unveils updates to HomePod

14 June, 2019

Apple has revealed the planned updates to mobile operating system, with a host of features in iOS 13 set to impact the HomePod speaker. Unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in early June, the iOS updates will affect everything from how multiple users are accommodated to how Siri sounds. So, what’s set to improve…

I have aging parents – can smart home technology assist?

7 June, 2019

With more and more retirees and baby boomers looking to stay in their homes as long as possible, smart home technology is bridging the gap between aging, independence, peace of mind and wellbeing. In fact, smart home technology is emerging as a sought-after option for both aging residents and their families alike as it offers…

Is the EOFY the time to invest in a smart office?

28 May, 2019

With the end of the financial year (EOFY) fast approaching, many business owners are considering what improvements and investments they should be making to their business to round out this financial year or kick start the next. So is this a good time to invest in a smart office? It could well be… If you…

Why Lera Smart Home Solutions? 

21 May, 2019

As smart homes grow in popularity, more and more people are considering installing smart technology and harnessing connectivity in their homes. But when it comes to choosing a smart home installer, not all are created equal. At Lera Smart Home solutions we have become a leader in the industry as a result of our experience,…

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