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"We are so grateful that they installed our cameras. The cameras are so clear and it’s good to know that we can check on our house at anytime and wherever we are." - Maria Dulce Manjon Domino


"Thanks Ahmad, Ben and team for a great job in retro-automating our new apartment. We have been very impressed by your service to make sure everything is correct and working well." - Chris Champion

Highly recommended

"Highly recommended for the latest in technology, backed by experienced staff with excellent customer service." - Glenn Creecy


"Professional service - highly recommend!" - Renée Risteski


Lera Smart Home solutions are able to easily and cleanly turn your existing or brand new home into a state of the art smart home, by utilising the existing wiring in your house.

Step 1: Consultation

Lera Smart Home Solutions consultants will help make the whole process smooth and simple. We take your house plans and help you design your smart home to provide a solution that fits your needs, budget and lifestyle.

Step 2: Programming

Once your solution has been designed our programmers will then program the solution based on your consultation to create your smart home solution.

Step 3: Smart Home Reality (Installation)

The final step in the process is to install the system. Using Lera smart homes there will be very little disruptions as our clean and professional's technicians install the system throughout your house. Upon completion our technicians will demonstrate and show you how to use the system. Depending on the size of the installation it could take a several hours to several days.
After your home has been turned in to a smart home, if you have any questions regarding your solution or want to add more features Lera Smart Home Solutions will be able to assist and provide support.

A benefit for your budget and the world around you

Knowing what your energy consumption is can easily be translated into money saved. It's both a tangible benefit for your home's budget, as well as a friendly gesture towards the environment.


Our team are passionate about the industry and will be able to help provide the perfect solution to create a luxurious smart home the suits your budget and lifestyle.

Lera Smart Home solutions have over 20 years’ experience in the Electrical and IT Networking industry. We have sourced the most reliable and cost efficient solutions from around the world to provide the very best in smart home solutions.

Contact us today for a free consultation and help make your smart home dream come to reality.


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Whether you’re looking to create a smart home during the construction of your property or are seeking to retrofit your home for smart home automation, one of the most common questions people have is, where exactly do you start? And it’s a great question. Getting the basics of your smart home right from the get-go…

Why automate your lighting?

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Four reasons a smart home is a worthwhile investment

7 September, 2019

Just like any home improvement, installing smart home technology is an investment, and it’s one where homeowners should expect a return. Depending on their goals and aims, that return might be in the form of lifestyle, it might offer cost savings in the long run, or it could be a return that adds value to…

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