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LERA Smart Homes Services

Lera Smart Homes Services

Lera Smart Home Solutions source the most reliable and cost-efficient smart home technologies. We have a combined 20-year experience in the electrical and IT networking industry, providing smart automation and security services to the residential, commercial, and industrial market.

We provide home automation and home security services, prioritising control, accessibility and energy-saving systems. Also, we integrate technologies such as Apple HomePod, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

We have been featured in the Home Design magazine, the Home Beautiful magazine and the Sydney Home Show expo.

Our Services

Home automation

Our team seeks to create the best smart home that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Home security

Lera Smart Home Solutions specialise in the installation of home security systems to prevent break-ins.

We install cameras within and around your home so that you can monitor it anytime for your peace of mind. Also, we set up doors and windows so that you can secure them even while you’re away.

Creating homes that fit your lifestyle

Lera Smart Home Solutions transform your homes to work within your lifestyle. Through the Fibaro system, your smart home is within your control for efficient and convenient management.

We set up fixtures that operate by pressing a button or using your voice for effortless living such as activating and changing lights in a room or adjusting the blinds for ambience.

For easy entertainment automation, we also set up the control of speakers, sound systems, and TVs.

Finally, we set up homes that monitor energy and water consumption because knowing your energy consumption translates to saving money and the environment.


To control your smart home, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or voice command. The  control centre then relays commands to appliances, fixtures, and sensors.

Smooth installation

We take your house plan and use it to design your smart home that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. With our expert technicians, we install the Fibaro system and guide you in using a smart home control app.

We wire the smart home module into your home cavity without altering your property. Through a wireless, non-intrusive installation, we work within your property’s existing wiring, fixtures and appliances.


Lera Smart Home Solutions offer their expertise in turning your home into a smart home:


We have 20 years of experience in the industry

Our experience in the IT network security and electrical industry has helped us utilise and recommend the best solutions for your smart home.

We are licensed electricians with a master security license

Installation by licensed professionals of Lera assures you of reliability and expertise for your peace of mind.

We have a feature-built showroom

Our customers can test the smart home experience that they want in our custom-built showroom which also serves as our consultation room.

We tailor-fit your smart home to your lifestyle

Understanding how our clients live their lives is important to us. We sit down with our clients to know what the clients need and work within the budget.

We offer turn-key solutions for project management

With Lera Smart Homes we manage the complete security and automation project.  That way, the client does not have to talk to different service providers for an electrician, an IT expert, a cctv installer – just talk to us and we shall manage the whole project.

We even go that extra mile to address your concerns which may be beyond our smart home installation. Should there be a need for plumbing work for instance, we shall find the best solution so that you need not deal with different service providers.

Step-by-step guidance in the process

After the installation of the security and automation systems, we provide a step-by-step training on how to make the most of the smart home solutions.

Clients in control

We consider clients’ requests and make them feel that they are not locked in. When you want changes to your smart home, you can count on us to provide you with the best option possible.

We provide services beyond smart home installation with reliable after-sales service for our clients. We regard every client we service as part of the Lera family.


Lera Smart Homes Solutions provides  smart home automation and security services in the following areas:

Start enjoying the peace of mind, the efficiency, and convenience of a smart home. Contact us at 1300 127 957 for a free quote.

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