Smart Home Automation in MacArthur Suburb



Smart Home Automation in MacArthur Suburb

LERA Smart Homes is pleased to provide smart home automation in MacArthur Suburb. This is a necessity now for many reasons.

Home burglary rate is higher in Australia than in other countries such as in Europe. According to, there were 228,300 reported break-ins in Australian households in one 12-month period alone.

smart home automation in MacArthur Suburb

Don’t wait for a break-in to happen. Lera Smart Home Solutions will help you secure and automate your home.

Macarthur Home Automation by Lera Smart Homes

We service properties in Macarthur and surrounding suburbs. We have listed the services we offer for a worry-free and efficient home.

Services We Offer

security cameras installationSmart Home Security

Smart home systems include installation of security cameras such as Hikvision. This means peace of mind for you no matter where you are.

Home Automation

As certified Fibaro installers, we will automate your house and provide training on how to use the Zwave application.

Our home automation services include home lighting automation and blinds automation. The use of CBUS protocol makes home automation possible.

Installation of Alarm Systems

We will connect your security cameras to your alarm systems. This installation enhances your smart home security system. Our alarm systems have PIR motion sensors that activate the indoor or outdoor siren for an intruder alert.

Entertainment Packages

Come home to a relaxed environment by availing of our entertainment packages automation system. With a smart home hub installed in your house, you can control your video and sound system through your device or a voice assistant.

Voice Activation

We will bring you convenience and efficiency by activating voice assistants such as Amazon Echo. You can control your Google smart home or Apple smart home through this Echo device.

Smart Home Automation in MacArthur Suburb vs  DIY Systems

Don’t ever do DIY home automation. You’re exposing your family to security and safety risks if your systems fail just when you need it the most.

Instead, consult our professional technicians at Lera Smart Home Solutions for home security needs in MacArthur and nearby suburbs. Alternatively, you can use our smart home online calculator since it is as comprehensive as our on-site consultation.