Smart Home Automation in New Castle



Smart Home Automation in New Castle

Looking for a provider of smart home automation in New Castle? LERA Smart Homes is a company you can trust. Smart systems are a necessity these days for many reasons.

In a recent 12-month period, reported at least 228,300 break-ins in Australian households.

smart home automation in NewCastle

Protect your family and your property with security and automation systems from Lera Smart Homes.

New Castle Home Automation by Lera Smart Homes

We have provided home automation and security systems in New Castle and surrounding suburbs.

Lera Smart Home Solutions Services

security cameras installationSmart Home Security

We install smart home security systems, including Hikvision security cameras. We ensure that you get the best security system for you and your family. Our security specialists are licensed experts.

Home Automation

Our certified Fibaro Installers will automate your house, including your home lighting automation and motorised blinds automation. We utilise the CBUS automation protocol for this automation.

We customise any automation system to suit your needs and lifestyle. Plus, we provide training in using the Zwave application.

Installation of Alarm Systems

We install and activate your alarm systems to improve your home security. Our alarm systems are equipped with sirens and motion sensors. The motion sensors activate the sirens, which alert you if intruders enter your property.

Entertainment Systems

We create a comprehensive entertainment automation that will provide you with complete control over your system. With your smart devices and entertainment system connected to a smart home hub, you have home entertainment on demand.

smart home automation in new castle

Voice Activation

We activate a voice assistant so that you can control every system installed with your smartphone, laptop or an Amazon Echo device. This improves efficiency by making these tasks blend seamlessly with your other activities.

Smart Home Automation in New Castle vs DIY Systems

Home security and smart automation requires technical expertise. Performing DIY home automation is this highly discouraged. It’s a risky activity and can cause irreversible consequences to your family and home.

Instead, call our certified consultants to know how your dream Amazon Echo smart home in New Castle becomes a reality. Alternatively, our online calculator is available on our website if you need a quick quote.