Smart Home Automation in Sutherland



Smart Home Automation in Sutherland

Smart home automation is Sutherland is within reach with Lera Smart Homes. This is a necessity in today’s times for many reasons. has reported 228,300 Australian household break-ins in one 12-month period alone.

smart home automation in Sutherland

Don’t wait for this to happen to you. You can have a complete home security and automation system with Lera Smart Home Solutions.

Sutherland Home Automation by Lera Smart Homes

We install home security and also automate houses in the Sutherland and all suburbs of the New South Wales. With our 20 years of experience, we are the best security and automation installers in town.

Lera Smart Home Solutions Services

Smart Home Security

We don’t tear down your wall. We evaluate and install your smart home systems based on your existing electrical wiring. Installation of high-quality Hikvision brand security cameras is part of the process.

Home Automation

We are certified Zwave and Fibaro installers. Our skills are top-notch, and we can automate your house according to your needs and lifestyle.

Our home automation services include home lighting automation, blinds automation, and door lock sensor. For these services, we use the CBUS home automation protocol.

Alarm Systems

We integrate an alarm system into your home security system. This system has an indoor and outdoor siren that alerts you when intruders enter your property.

Entertainment System

We can create a seamless integration of your entertainment system to your smart home systems. Through smart home hub and voice assistants, you can command your sound system to start your playlist or activate any part of your entertainment system.

Voice Assistant Activation

We activate a voice assistant in your home automation and security. This makes simple tasks flow seamlessly with your other activities.


Smart Home Automation in Sutherland  vs DIY Systems

Home automation and security systems require technical expertise. We thus discourage DIY home automation and security installation because your self-installed system might fail you when you need it the most. There can also be a potential electrical hazard when not done by professionals.

Call our consultants at Lera Smart Home solutions now to start securing and automating your home. We will service anyone who lives in Sutherland and other suburbs in Sydney. Alternatively, use our online calculator for a free quote.

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