Smart Home Automation in Wollongong



Smart Home Automation in Wollongong

Smart home automation in Wollongong is within reach with Lera Smart Homes.

Home burglary rate is higher in Australia than in other developed countries. Protect yourself with Lera Smart Homes solutions.

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Wollongong Home Automation by Lera Smart Homes

We have provided services to properties in Wollongong and other suburbs.

Just give us a call or send us a message for a free quotation. You can also use our online calculator.

Services We Offer

security cameras installationSmart Home Security

Smart home systems include installation of security cameras such as Hikvision. We will ensure you feel secure even though you’re away from home.

Home Automation

As certified Fibaro Installers, we will automate your house and train you to use the Zwave application.

Our home automation services include home lighting automation and blinds automation, among others.

Installation of Alarm Systems

We will connect your alarm systems to your security cameras. This improves your smart home security system, significantly. With an alarm system in place, you’re alerted when a burglar breaks on your property.

Entertainment Packages

Enjoy a relaxed environment at home by availing our entertainment automation packages. Part of the package is the installation of a smart home hub in your house. Through this gateway, we connect your entertainment system.

smart home automation

Voice Activation

We will bring you the latest trend by activating voice assistants such as Amazon Echo to control your Google smart home.

Smart Home Automation in Wollongong vs DIY

We don’t commend DIY home automation. It may invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. Besides, you’re increasing your exposure to security risks.

Instead, consult our professional technicians at Lera Smart Home solutions for your home security needs. We service all of Wollongong and nearby areas. Alternatively, we offer an online smart home calculator for your convenience.