How to Secure Your Smart Home Devices



In this digital age where everything revolves around technology, consumers need to be careful about how they handle their respective devices. With such heavy reliance on them, any complications might lead to huge losses or disruptions in people’s lives.  

Smart devices, for that matter, have been known to be a target for hackers. This is because they are often unsecured, which makes it easier for them to take over such devices. It is especially common in smart home devices 

As a smart homeowner, you would want to keep all of your devices secure. These are some of the things you can do to protect your smart home devices: 

Always change the default password.

 The smart home device might come with a default password. So, the first thing that you must always remember to do is to change it. If you don’t change it, it makes it so much easier for hackers to get a hold of your device or gadget. Changing your password is such a simple task, so you must not keep putting it behind. You must also replace it with a strong password and, as much as possible, make your password unique.  

Only access your smart home using secure devices.

 You should never access your smart home from unsecured devices. Despite making sure that your smart home is protected, it will be useless if you access it with a public computer, for example. This is because it may allow others to gain access to your connected devices. You should not also use a computer that has no antivirus protection because of malware. 

Remember to update your software.

 When it comes to smart homes, everything is connected. These connected devices make use of software to function. Manufacturers will often find problems in the software, and thus, they will provide updates. If you don’t want to get hacked, you will have to install such updates. 

Buy smart home devices that are made by well-known brands. 

These are internet-connected devices, which means that you can get access to them anywhere. But the thing is, they also rely on manufacturer support. So, if your manufacturer goes out of business, you might not be able to access such products. And you might even incur more loss. If it is also not a popular brand, you’ll be taking the risk that it might not be a secure device.  

Get a Well Protected Smart Home 

At Lera Smart Home Solutions, we provide products and an ecosystem that is designed to give you full control of your home. We believe in giving you a secure home that you can monitor and manage easily. Our smart home installations are also designed to be compatible with most of the voice activators today, from Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit to Google Home. Moreover, the most important thing when it comes to securing your smart homes is having a team of experts who know the industry very well. We can assure you that with our more than 20 years’ experience, we will be able to give you a secure smart home.