Smart Switches: Innovative Lighting



Are you thinking of turning your house into a smart home, but you have your doubts? You can take baby steps and try out certain smart devices to figure out whether getting a smart home is for you. You can start off by incorporating smart lighting.   

 Great lighting is an essential feature of every home. When you come back to your house, the first thing that you often do is to turn on the lights. But, what if you are too tired to turn on every light in your house manually? This is where smart lighting comes in. 

 There are three kinds of smart lighting: 

 1. Smart Bulbs – This is an internet-capable LED light bulb. Using it, you can customise, schedule, and control your lighting remotely.  

2. Smart Plugs – This is a power receptacle that you plug into a regular electrical outlet. It will then integrate whatever you plug into it in your smart home network. This means that you will then be able to control such devices at your convenience. 

3. Smart Switches – This is a light switch that you can also control remotely by using smart home apps, for example. It also comes with various features like you’ll be able to dim the lights. You can also link your smart bulbs with your smart switches. Aside from home lighting, you can also control switch-wired devices. 

Why choose smart switches? 

 All of the mentioned smart lightings are great in their own ways. But, one that is rising in popularity these days are smart switches because of its many benefits. Here are some of them: 

  • It is very convenient.  Most smart homeowners would agree that having this kind of technology makes everything easier. With smart switches, for that matter, you can control your lights by just going to a smart home app. You can also use voice assistants, such as Google and Alexa, to turn your lights on or off. 
  • It gives you control. One of the best things about smart switches is that you can control the brightness and adjust it to whatever level you want it to have. It’s dimming feature is also its key feature. 
  • It can be automated. If you want to save more energy, a smart switch is for you. Through smart home apps, you can make a schedule for your lighting. You can program them to turn on whenever it suits you.  
  • It can give better security. When you are on vacation, for example, by switching your lights on and off, it will give the impression that there are still people in your property. Smart outdoor lighting is also an advantage because when the motion sensors are triggered, it will light up the property.  


Technology has helped us in a lot of ways. It has made our lives simpler and easier to manage. Using devices such as smart switches makes everything so convenient. So, if you are planning to automate your home, you can get our help at Lera Smart Home Solutions. We can give you the home automation that you need and deserve.