10 things your smart home can do…without you lifting a finger



There’s a lot of talk about the nifty services that individual smart products can offer, but it’s not until you see a fully automated smart home in action that you really appreciate the lifestyle, security and convenience that cohesive smart home technology affords.

Just to give you a taste, here are 10 things your smart home can do…without you lifting a finger.

Keep the temperature just right

Feel like living in a home where the temperature is always a comfortable 25 degrees? The smart home has it sorted, with or without your intervention.

Not only can the smart home sense the temperature, it can respond accordingly and in an environmentally friendly way.

How? Well, it can do this…as the afternoon sun begins to heat up the western side of your home, the smart home feels that temperature rising, and also knows the time of day, so it shuts the indoor or outdoor blinds.

It might open up some ventilation for a little extra airflow or kick start the climate control if that temperature really needs a nudge.

Together, these actions allow the home to cool using a combination of natural and artificial temperature control, reducing your power consumption in addition to the heat.

Monitor security

It doesn’t matter if you’re heading off on holidays, popping down the local shops or preoccupied in the back yard, watching the kids enjoy a swim. The smart home is on security watch 24/7.

It can tell you if someone’s at the door, alert you if a pot boils over, or inform you there’s someone in your yard late at night.

Water your garden

Whether you’re a green thumb or a gardening novice, every now and then it’s nice to kick back and relax while someone else takes care of the little things. And when it comes to keeping that garden looking lush, the smart home has that sorted too.

Those savvy little sensors can tell how dry your soil is and water your garden when it needs it – even while you’re on the other side of the world enjoying a hard-earned break.

Set the scene

Every house has its rhythm and the smart home just loves to oblige through scenes that help streamline your life.

From morning scenes that kick off your day with the news headlines, your schedule and a fresh cup of coffee to pre-set lighting and music combinations that cater to a vibrant dinner party, the smart home easily shifts from mood to mood and event to event using simple voice command.

Curb your energy consumption

These days electricity doesn’t come cheap and its price isn’t likely to drop anytime soon, so it pays to know exactly what you’re using and where that power is being consumed.

Always aware of what’s going on in its domain, the smart home helps you understand what power’s going where and how you can reduce it.

Welcome you home

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing nicer than entering your own domain. The smart home adds an extra level of enjoyment as it welcomes you into its embrace.

Smart locks mean the doors automatically open when you arrive, while lights can come on in anticipation of your arrival, the oven can even pre-warm and the household temperature is just right.

Secure the house

The morning rush is readily catered to by a smart home that helps you secure and shut down the house. All you have to do is exit, initiate the leaving routine and the home turns off the lights, shuts down extraneous appliances and locks the property behind you as you head off for the day.

No more second guessing as to whether you shut the garage or left the iron on!

Allow in a guest

Forget the days of leaving the key under the matt, now you can welcome guests into your home no matter where you are.

Your smart home will alert you that someone’s at the door, let you see and speak to them and then grant them access if that’s what you want.

You can be down the road, in the Bahamas, or even in the kitchen cooking up a five-star feast.

Wake you gently

The morning routine sets the whole tone for the day, and the smart home helps to make that wake-up pleasant. Rather than awaken to a blaring alarm, the lights can gently come on, the blinds can slowly open and you can start your day with a more natural wake-up that sees you gently embrace the day.

And once you’re ready, the ever-accommodating smart home can even have a nice, fresh coffee all prepared.

Make it look like you’re there

There’s nothing like a little peace of mind that all’s well on the home front even if you’re not there. Not only can the smart home keep an eye on things while you’re away, it can use scenes and automation to make it appear like you’re in residence.

It can switch relevant lights on and off, turn the television on to make it appear like someone’s watching and generally offer the perception that someone is at home.

How it happens

Features like this are facilitated by an interconnected, automated smart home where everything works together under one central ecosystem.

Sensors allow the home to understand what’s going on in its environment and activators allow your preferred or pre-programmed action to be undertaken.

It all works through a central hub which can allow these actions to occur automatically or that you can control using remote, voice control, or an app on your smart phone

It’s simple, it’s effortless, and it’s the way living in a smart home is really meant to be.

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