Why Lera Smart Home Solutions? 



As smart homes grow in popularity, more and more people are considering installing smart technology and harnessing connectivity in their homes.

But when it comes to choosing a smart home installer, not all are created equal. At Lera Smart Home solutions we have become a leader in the industry as a result of our experience, technical expertise and a commitment to going above and beyond in a bid to understand and meet our clients’ needs.

Here are just some of the reasons clients choose Lera when it comes to installing a new smart home.


Although smart homes might be a relatively new phenomenon in the everyday world, the technology behind it is built on a combination of IT, networking, programming and electrical.

That means your smart home installer should come with experience in both. At Lera, co-founders Ben Lee and Ahmad Radi bring over two decades of experience to the smart home industry, while their carefully selected team offers further expertise.

Both Ben and Ahmad have vast experience in the IT, networking and electrical industries, including project management, commercial and industrial work, and domestic services.

They are backed by a Lera team comprising designers, electricians, and IT professionals, all committed to creating state-of-the-art smart home solutions that go far beyond the industry standard.


Many people may not realise, but to undertake the type of smart home installations that Lera provides, very specific licences are required.

These include an electrical licence and a master security licence. Lera co-founder Ben Lee explains the master security licence offers homeowners the peace of mind that their property is in safe and trustworthy hands.

“When you install a smart home, you are allowing an installer access to your security systems and giving them complete control of your house,” Ben notes

“We not only pride ourselves on having those licenses, but appreciate it’s a privilege when customers entrust us with their homes.”

Understanding clients’ needs

Right from the first initial first inquiry, Lera Smart Home Solutions spend the time with clients to better understand their specific needs and offer a package tailored to them.

Ahmad notes the company offers a custom-built consultation room that allows clients to come in and see smart technology in action.

“They can play around with things and see how everything works. Importantly, we then sit down with people and spend as much time as required to go over their actual needs to understand what they’re trying to achieve within their budget. We are looking to provide the solution that best suits their lifestyle, their home and their needs,” Ahmad notes.

“We’ve spent a lot of years in R&D and also understand from our vast number of clients how people live in their smart homes. When clients come to us we offer them that expertise.”

A turnkey solution

To create a true smart home a number of components come together. These include programming, security, networking, installation and in some cases small alterations to a property. Lera offers a complete turnkey solution.

If you require the installation of new fittings like a smart toilet, the plumbing, plasterwork or painting is taken care of as part of the services, rather than a client being required to deal with multiple contractors.

Meanwhile programming, networking, security, and fitting is all part of the single Lera solution.

“You just speak to one of our team, and we’ll take care of the entire process,” Ahmad states.

The extra mile

Lera Smart Home Solutions prides itself on assisting clients through the smart home installation process and beyond.

Each installation comes with complete training about how to use the features of a smart home, while Lera also remains available for ongoing support or to answer any questions.

Ben and Ahmad say that’s because they believe every client is a member of the growing Lera family.

No lock in

After guiding customer’s through the workings of their smart home, Lera also gives home owners the ability to alter it and add to it over the years to come.

“We hear a lot about other companies locking their clients in. We spend time with our clients during handover, training them on the full use of the system, so if they want to make any changes in the future, they own it and they can.

“There’s a lot of companies out there who don’t do that. If the client wants to make changes they have to go back to the company which installed their system.

“We don’t believe in that. We believe when the client buys their system, they own it and if you provide the right service and the client is happy with you, they will come back. You should never need to lock in a client for them to come back.”

The Lera family

“If we wouldn’t do it in our own home, we are not going to do it in yours,” Ben and Ahmad explain, noting that philosophy extends to everything from the products and technology Lera selects to the entire installation process.

“That client, once they get a Lera Smart Home solution, they become part of the Lera family, and they get treated like family,” Ahmad states.

“Our clients feel that and I think that’s a massive difference. To be able to trust someone is a big thing these days and we pride ourselves on that.”  

About Lera Smart Home Solutions

Lera Smart Home Solutions is a leading installer of smart home technology in the greater Sydney region. Our team boasts over 20 years’ experience in IT networking, programming and the electrical industry.

We have sourced the most reliable and cost efficient solutions from around the world to provide the very best in smart home solutions, and work with our clients to understand their needs.

You can learn more about transforming your house into a smart home here, access our smart home calculators here or contact us directly for further advice.