Christmas in the smart home



The smart home is all about convenience, lifestyle and easy entertaining where technology enhances the welcoming ambience, functionality and efficiency of your home. 

There are few occasions when these factors matter more than social festivities like Christmas where the celebration extends to family and friends. 

So, take a moment and picture this: Christmas in the smart home… 

Santa’s been

The pitter patter of excited little feet signals the morning of Christmas in the smart home. At the push of a smartphone button or by voice command the blinds open, Christmas carols start to play, and a morning of revelry begins. 

From the comfort of the lounge room, watching presents being enthusiastically opened, you command the oven in the kitchen to preheat for Christmas lunch. 

Guests arrive

As lunch gently roasts, and the children enjoy new toys, the chime of the doorbell signals guests have arrived.  Security cameras and the intercom show you it’s the grandparents in festive form and allowing them entry is as simple as unlocking the front door via voice command. 

This year there’s no slaving over a hot stove, with smart appliances taking the hard work out of cooking, allowing you to focus your attention entirely on your guests. 

You can rest easy in the knowledge safety features like smoke alarms will alert you should a pot boil over or that sizzling crackling starts to take on a slightly smoky form.

Christmas lunch is served

As the family assembles at the table, you set the lighting to an ambient theme, change the music to the next playlist and enjoy the celebrations as they unfold. 

The air-conditioning keeps the house at a comfortable 24 degrees, while a little extra ventilation is activated to accommodate the additional guests. An afternoon of indulgence, fine food, fabulous friends and family awaits. 

A lazy afternoon

Satiated after a perfectly cooked meal, it’s time for a quick relax before the evening kicks in. 

An afternoon movie is the order of the day, with the children comfortably settled in the media room as the adults seek refuge in the lounge. Your smart TV seeks out the latest movie recommendations with much debate from all about the ideal film to watch. 

Blinds close, lighting dims as the opening titles see grandpa already asleep in his chair.

An evening refresher

As the cool of the afternoon settles in, it’s time for some outdoor entertainment, with drinks and snacks on the patio overlooking the welcoming pool. By voice command you order the outdoor blind down a little for some further shade, and alter it accordingly as the afternoon wears on. 

Great company sees the afternoon stretch into evening, and the lights around the patio automatically light up the surrounds.

A day done well

Come late evening the children are ready for bed after an excitement-filled day. You tuck them up safely, soothing music quietly playing, and the nightlight programmed to gradually dim as they’re lulled gently into sleep.

You monitor them from the lounge as the final anecdotes of Christmas are shared. In the background the dishwasher is primed, waiting to commence its wash cycle at the most cost-effective time.

The smart home app on your phone allows you to relax in the knowledge the oven has been turned off, the front door is locked, and the garden lights have been dimmed after a day of true festivity. 

It’s Christmas, enjoyed effortlessly in the comfort of the smart home.

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