Going away? – The smart home has you covered



Passport? Check! Tickets? Check! But how will you secure your home in your absence?

Whether it’s a business trip or a family getaway, if you’re planning on packing up and heading off for a holiday in 2019, here are the many ways the smart home has you covered.

Smart home security

We often talk about the benefits of smart security which allows home occupants to monitor their home from afar or be alerted to potential threats, but when you’re on the other side of the country or even the other side of the world, this smart home tech truly comes into play.

With cameras, sensors and smart door bells, you can see exactly who is at your house, and be alerted should their intentions be less than honourable.

The same technology can also allow you to let friends and family in from afar. So, if a family member is coming to check on your home, you can let them in from the beachfront of Nice or the ski fields of Switzerland.

Smart lighting

A home that looks like it’s unoccupied is a prime target for a break-in, but with smart technology your home can behave as if you’re really there.

Set lighting to come on at predetermined times, vary the routine to make it look like you’re in residence or even manually turn off and on lights from afar.

Smart watering

Worried about that perfectly manicured garden in your absence? Smart sensors and irrigation let you activate your green thumb by remote.

Sensors can determine how moist the soil is, water your lawn and garden when required and even factor in the weather.  

Did you…shut that door? Leave the iron on?

These are fears no-one needs to indulge in with the smart home, due to the ability to switch electrical sockets and appliances on and on off from wherever you are.

With smart doors, windows and locking, you can also shut and secure that skylight you left open, or that garage door you failed to close.

Final holiday tips

Smart technology offers great peace of mind that your home is still safe in your absence, but there are also a wealth of other measures you can take to ensure your property isn’t a target while you’re not there.

Don’t forget to:

  • Stop your mail service
  • Avoid sharing your travel plans on social media
  • Empty the fridge of soon-to-expire items
  • Alert your credit card company there will be different expenses on your account
  • Safely secure important documents
  • Ask a neighbour or family friend to take your bins out or bring them in as necessary

About Lera Smart Home Solutions

Lera Smart Home Solutions is a leading installer of smart home technology in the greater Sydney region. Our team boasts over 20 years’ experience in IT networking, programming and the electrical industry.

We have sourced the most reliable and cost efficient solutions from around the world to provide the very best in smart home solutions, and work with our clients to understand their needs.

You can learn more about transforming your house into a smart home here, or contact us directly for further advice.

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