Hotels embracing smart home tech



As smart technology gains popularity, its uses are extending far beyond the automated home. In fact this year even big names in the hotel industry are getting in on the action, rolling out smart home features in their rooms.

Here’s an insight into how smart home technology can be used in hotels, and why big players are betting their customers will love it.

Hilton gets smart

Late last year Hilton announced they would soon be utilising smart features in their hotel chain, courtesy of the “Connected Room”.

The technology allows guests to control all elements of their hotel stay via an app and connected features. In effect it enables patrons to control lighting, temperature and even the television with their own smartphone. It also allows them to enter the room using a “digital key” that’s available on the app at check-in.

Preferences can even be saved and applied the next time they stay at that hotel or another Hilton destination with the technology.

The “Connected Room” has steadily been rolling out across the Hilton stable, with several thousand rooms set to feature smart hotel technology by the end of this year.

Voice controlled rooms

Hilton is far from the only hotel offering the convenience of smart home technology to its patrons, with voice control now also available in high-end hotels.

Last year the Wynn Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas became the first of the casinos there to install Amazon Echo smart speakers in all of its rooms.

As a result, guests can now control features like curtains, lighting, TV and climate through voice activation and the devices are set to recognise these commands from the moment a patron enters the room.

So what’s the advantage of smart tech and automation in hotel rooms?

Smart hotel advantages

Smart tech is all about convenience, and it’s clearly a feature many hotels are keen to offer their patrons, with standard functions like automated lighting, temperature, and entertainment among the key areas most hotels are integrating first.

It allows the guest a more personalised, streamlined experience that allows them control over the major items that affect the comfort of their stay. Combined with apps and additional services like automated check-in and smart locks, it not only offers comfort but allows the entire visit to be more efficient, with the only remote or key a patron needs now in the palm of their hand.

Meanwhile, for the hotel chain there are a host of benefits such as cost savings and greater environmental efficiency. And the likelihood is these smart features that are so readily available in the home will soon become the norm that every hotel patron also expects.

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