Looking after family with the smart home



Peace of mind is a major attribute of the smart home, and when it comes to family there are a wealth of benefits offered by simple smart home automation.

From ensuring your loved ones are home safe and sound, to helping your children soothe into sleep, here are just some of the ways looking after family is made easier courtesy of the smart home.

Smart door locks

In the modern world, the likelihood is both parents have full or part-time jobs. Chances are this means more mature children return home first on any given weekday afternoon.

Once upon a time, ensuring your child had safely reached home meant they called you at work, or you called them, but the smart home offers this as an automated service.

With unique codes attached to door locks and allocated to each resident of the home, the smart home records who has entered the property, when, and can even notify you when specific people gain access.

No more phone calls, no more worries, the smart home lets you know your child has arrived home safe and sound, sending an alert directly to your mobile device.

Window locks

Just as smart door locks monitor entryways, smart window locks keep track of the status of openings such as windows. That means the smart home can tell you if your child’s bedroom window is open or closed, and importantly it can reveal the moment a window opens. It can even allow you to close and lock a window remotely.

No more worry your child is cold at night, no more worry a window might be unsecured, and no more concern your teen might be sneaking out to a party on a Saturday night. 


Family life is busy, loud and exuberant, with people undertaking different tasks all throughout the house. Smart home features like intercom assist communication in this busy environment.

Looking to summon your teen for dinner while they’re studying? Looking to call your children in from a game being played in the media room? The smart home and intercoms allow you to communicate all throughout the house.

Sensors and cameras

Life with little people is all-consuming. Especially when it comes to a bedtime routine. In the smart home you can rest assured your child is going to sleep or has fallen asleep, with features like automated night lighting that assist.

Using sensors, night lighting can be set up to establish a nightly routine, steadily dimming lights and music as your child approaches sleep time, or turning off nightlights only when they have fallen asleep. Sensors can also be programmed to switch on lights or alert you should your child awaken in the middle of the night.

Security and lights

It’s not just internal activity but external threats that concern the guardians of the family home. Here, the smart home plays an essential role in offering additional security.

Should unanticipated activity occur outside the house, security features like lights and CCTV monitoring can be set up to automatically activate, allowing the smart home owner the peace of mind that their family is always protected.

Extended family

The smart home doesn’t just cater to immediate occupants. Smart home technology can also offer additional peace of mind that extended family like elderly parents are always safe and sound. You can read more about how smart homes offer independence to the elderly and those with limited ability here.

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