The power of the smart home scene



Imagine you utter a few little words in the morning and your home automatically springs to life…lights in the hall turn on, blinds open, the coffee maker quietly starts brewing a cup of the finest java and your daily appointments are read.

Well, believe it or not, that smart capability is already at play and rolling out in properties near you. It comes courtesy of the power of the scene.

Here’s an insight into how scenes take your home and products from savvy to truly smart …

Setting the scene

When talk turns to the smart home, much attention is often directed at the latest and greatest smart products available – ovens with cooking apps, fridges with menu suggestions, and the list goes on.

While these products are excellent in isolation and are savvy at connecting to the internet to complete their tasks more competently, it’s when they are linked to each other and programmed into scenes that the true power of the smart home is unleashed.

Scenes enable a whole host of products to activate and liaise with each other to improve the way we live. They can transform the mood of a house or simplify a series of tasks, but either way, they take the smart home from savvy to instinctive and truly intellectual.

Examples of scenes

With the right ecosystem, installation and products you can set any number of scenes to function in your home, and creating them are as simple as programming scenes on an app.

Examples of smart home scene include:

  • Away scenes that switch lighting on and off to look as if you’re home even when you’re absent.
  • Party scenes to automatically change mood lighting and play music or open the doors to certain areas.
  • Afternoon scenes that close blinds, activate ventilation and use temperature control to guard against afternoon heat.
  • Coming home scenes that start the oven, gauge your distance from home via GPS and begin preparing the house with lighting for your arrival and by opening the garage door as you come into the driveway.
  • Morning scenes where curtains open, the radio turns on, lighting activates and your events of the day become readily available by audio or tablet.

How scenes are activated

The great thing about scenes is that programming is intuitive, and they are easy to activate once established.

Simply select the series of events you would like to occur to program a scene. Then they can be activated at the push of a button or even via voice command.

You can activate scenes remotely courtesy of mobile phones and tablets, in the home using your tablet or phone, or by employing the help of smart speakers like Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Ultimately, that means your morning routine can be as simple as saying: “Hey Siri, Good morning” in the instance of Apple, “Hey Google, Good morning,” in the example of Google or “Hey Alexa, Good morning” if you use Amazon.

Then all the pre-programmed features spring to life. It’s smart, it’s intuitive, it’s the brave new world of the ever-accommodating smart home.

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