The value of quality home security



Peace of mind and security are one of the most valuable investments you can make in your home, but it’s no ‘do it yourself’ affair.

Real security lies in a system that consistently and effectively monitors your home whether you’re there or away, allowing you the reassurance that your property and family are protected at all times.

Here’s an insight into the value of a quality smart home security system.

A safety investment

A smart home security system is an investment, but it’s one that’s significantly less than the cost of a burglary. Australian Institute of Crime statistics indicates around 200,000 households are burgled each year, with 20 percent of those broken into more than once.

Their figures further indicate the total cost of burglary in Australia $2410 million, or $2400 per burglary, but when you consider the greater impact on insurance premiums and emotional welfare, that cost is significantly higher.

An integrated approach

The best security systems will offer an integrated approach that extends throughout the property. They will encompass a series of major elements including:

Door and window sensors – That activate an alarm or alert you when your doors and windows are being tampered with.

Internal or external motion sensors – Motion sensors register movement within a selected zone and activate an alarm or alert accordingly.

CCTV – CCTV can be used to monitor blind spots and also keep watch over your front door. Using motion sensors they can spring into action and immediately allow you to see what’s happening around your home. Smart security systems allow this footage to be relayed straight to your smartphone.

Security lighting – Lighting can automatically respond when motion is detected to deter a would-be criminal or allow you to better see via CCTV exactly what’s going on.

Together these elements allow you to keep watch over your home and be alerted if something goes awry.

The system will also allow you to set preferences if something is in progress. It can automatically sound an alarm to alert neighbours and scare the offender, or call authorities.

Why quality counts

The main aim of a security system is reliability and consistency. This is a system designed to protect your home no matter the circumstances, weather, time or event.

That means you need a tamper-proof system that’s fail-safe, reliable and is not likely to result in false alarms. And the reality is only an integrated, quality system that is professionally installed can offer these elements.

The smart home advantage

If your security system is integrated into a smart home there are even further benefits. Statistics indicate one of the things that makes a property attractive to burglars is the fact it looks unattended, and this is where smart home scenes and remote access come into play.

With a smart home security, you can program your house to create scenes. If you’re on holidays a scene might be devised to light various areas of your home to make it look like someone is in residence.

If you’re coming home late from work, you can use an app on your smart home to turn on individual lights or start a night scene that awaits your arrival.

Meanwhile, the smart home also allows you to lock doors automatically or remotely, meaning you can tell your house to lock itself as your leave, or lock and unlock doors from afar via a smartphone app.   

About Lera

Lera Smart Home Solutions is a leading installer of smart home technology in the greater Sydney region. Our team boasts over 20 years’ experience in IT networking, programming and the electrical industry.

We have sourced the most reliable and cost-efficient solutions from around the world to provide the very best in smart home solutions and work with our clients to understand their needs.

You can learn more about transforming your house into a smart home here, or contact us directly for further advice.

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