Five questions to ask your smart home installer



A professionally installed smart home can offer a wealth of convenience, a host of lifestyle improvements and ultimately improve the value of your home, but not all smart home installation companies are equal.

As with any service provider you employ to improve your property, you need to be selective about the company you engage to establish this valuable feature in your home.

Here are five questions to ask your smart home installer before committing to any works.

How do you plan a smart home?

Creating a seamless smart home takes planning and it needs to factor into your existing property design, your IT infrastructure (such as your internet connection) and what you want your home to do.

The right smart home installation company will work with you through this process. They will listen to your needs, understand your budget and use your house plans to devise a system that suits your requirements.

What extra infrastructure might I need?

If your home has a good internet connection and excellent wireless coverage, a smart home installation will likely be simple. But in some homes, wireless extenders and other infrastructure might be required.

Before you commit to works you need to know exactly the scope of what your installer intends to do. Will they work with existing wiring? Will new wiring be required, and is your internet connection up to the task?

Your installer should be very clear about the installation process, offering an insight into the works they intend to carry out, what that involves, how much it will cost, and how long the entire process will take.

What system will you use?

The smart home system is the backbone of how your home will operate. Comprising a hub that communicates with sensors, activators and products, it drives the functionality of your entire house. You need to ensure that the ecosystem your installer intends on using is reputable, simple and compatible with the devices you intend on running in your property.

At Lera Smart Home Solutions, we use FIBARO Home Automation, a leading global provider of smart home solutions. We’ve partnered with them due to their extensive range of sensors, activators and hubs that seamlessly connect to automate all areas of the home.

The company has been leading the smart home world since 2010, and prides itself on creating innovative, simple, affordable and intuitive products that easily transform a house into a smart home.

What security is involved?

In this data driven age, data security is paramount especially in a domain as private as your home. That means you need to be sure of the security of your smart home system.

With our extensive background in IT and networking, Lera Smart Home Solutions is an expert in this field and we utilise the highest-level encryption to protect data within the smart home. This includes WAF and Anti-DDoS systems, encrypted communication using the TLS protocol, and passwords using bcrypt.

The upshot is you can rest easy in the knowledge your home is protected against hacking and viruses.

What about the future?

The smart home is evolving at a rapid pace with new products and features becoming available all the time. To get true value out of your smart home investment you need to be sure your home will cater to these coming trends along with your needs in the future.

You should check to ensure: your smart home installer

  • Can easily add new features if required.
  • Offers ongoing support and maintenance
  • Will demonstrate and offer advice about using your smart home

Lera Smart Home Solutions

Lera Smart Home Solutions is a leading installer of smart home technology in the greater Sydney region with a unique insight into the trends and future of smart home tech.

Our team boasts over 20 years’ experience in IT networking, programming and the electrical industry that we employ to create a smart home to meet your lifestyle needs and budget.

You can learn more about transforming your house into a smart home here, or contact us directly for further advice.