Selecting the right smart home installer



Creating a seamless smart home where everything effortlessly interacts is an art. It takes planning, product knowledge and the ability to work with a home owner to achieve a chosen outcome for smart home installation.

That means you should carefully consider who you will use to plan, install and set up your smart home. Their expertise, knowledge and workmanship will not only affect the initial installation but may impact how well your chosen technology stands the test of time.

Here’s a guide to selecting the right installer to turn your house into a smart home.

Customer service

Every customer’s needs are different and every property is unique. That’s why the best smart home installers will take the time to understand their client’s needs, listening to what they ultimately hope to achieve.

Your smart home installer should be willing to work with you, to understand the layout of your property, and share their knowledge of the right products, technology and installation that will suit your lifestyle, budget, and future plans.


Smart homes may be increasing in popularity but the methodology and networking behind them is by no means new. Your smart home installer should bring this expert industry insight to the table with experience in networking, programming and electrical work.

Not only should your smart home installer have these credentials, but they should have an insight into where the smart home industry is going. This ensures your smart home is effectively set up now, and will also keep pace with future innovations.

Previous projects

As with any contractor undertaking works on your home, you should investigate the track record of your smart home installer to understand how their services play out in the real world.

Professional smart home installers should be able to offer you a portfolio of work and testimonials that illustrate previous customer satisfaction with their services.

Product knowledge

Creating a smart home is about more than connecting home appliances to the internet of things and flicking a switch. It involves a careful interplay of wiring, wireless technology and responsive products.

Your smart home installer should be able to offer a variety of products to suit your preferred outcome, while also sharing their expertise to indicate why these products are right for you, and how they will suit your home.

Ongoing support

From demonstrating how the installed technology works, to answering any future questions, a smart home installer should be available to assist, fine-tune and guarantee their work even after your project has been completed.

This ongoing support not only illustrates a professional approach to your project but indicates a commitment to the industry.

About Lera

Lera Smart Home Solutions is a leading smart home installation of smart home technology in the greater Sydney region. Our team boasts over 20 years experience in IT networking, programming and the electrical industry.

We have sourced the most reliable and cost efficient solutions from around the world to provide the very best in smart home solutions, and work with our clients to understand their needs for smart home installation.

You can learn more about transforming your house into a smart home here, or contact us directly for further advice.