Smart home appliances – do you speak my language?



With the vast array of DIY smart home appliances and voice assistants available on the market today, it might seem as if setting up a tech-savvy home is as simple as purchasing IoT compatible products off the shelf. The truth is that’s not quite the case.

Not all products are compatible, and DIY can soon descend into a mish-mash of competing products that do anything but streamline your life.

If you’re considering bringing smart tech into your home, here’s what you need to know.

Competing interests

In some ways off-the-shelf smart products are a little like the Apple and IBM conundrum used to be years ago. Users were in one camp or the other and “never the twain shall meet”.

The reasons for the current situation are pretty obvious, there’s a serious push by many big names to conquer the smart home realm.

But for the DIY consumer this creates a series of headaches. You might like the features of the latest product you see, but in some cases, it won’t talk to other items you already have. The result is a series of ecosystems running separately in your house, and that equals anything but a simplified experience.

What to do

If you’re intent on treading the DIY path, then the most important thing to consider when purchasing products like voice activators, sensors or electronics is whether they’re compatible with the system or items you already have in use.

If they are, they’re more likely to “talk to” whatever you already have running in your home. I.e. your voice activator will “play nicely” with your smart TV and will work with your household lights.

Or, a better alternative may to have your smart home ecosystem professionally installed. And this has a series of benefits that can save you time and a whole lot of headaches in the long run.

Professional installation for ease of lifestyle

Professional installation by reputable companies like Lera Smart Home Solutions offers a host of benefits. Not least of which is the fact that your appliances and voice activators will run through one simple system.

This allows you to rest assured that your voice activator will communicate effectively with your smart lighting, will talk to your security and will gauge the overall condition of your house, and react if you choose.

Effective ecosystem – Meanwhile, professional installation allows you to implement an effective ecosystem that lies beneath how your products connect. It’s not piecemeal but rather a big picture approach that enables you to add additional products when and where you choose.

An IT backbone – Professional assistance also ensures the wireless infrastructure or any required installation and programming that connects each appliance is up to par. There are no blackspots, dead zones or issues with a lagging or unstable connection.

Eye to the future – Professional installation doesn’t just cater to the here and now, it also looks to the future, in the knowledge your ecosystem will expand, and new products will be added over time.

About Lera

Lera Smart Home Solutions is a leading installer of smart home technology in the greater Sydney region. Our team boasts over 20 years’ experience in IT networking, programming and the electrical industry.

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