The smart home inspiration series – everyday living



With 2018 tipped to be the “year of the smart home” more and more everyday Australians are investigating how to apply this new technology to their existing world.

Meanwhile, as a host of common household products board the smart home train, the potential to transform the way you live and the comfort you enjoy is increasing at a rapid rate.

If you’re seeking a little smart home inspiration for how technology could change the way you live, welcome to our smart home inspiration series. In this edition we focus on examples of smart home technology that facilitate everyday living.


When people consider smart home technology, automated lighting is one of the features that first springs to mind, and it’s a massive arena in the smart home realm.

From lights that sense your arrival or departure from a room and automatically switch on and off, to ambience that can be transformed at the push of a button, lighting is one of the most readily accessible smart home features.

Smart home lighting can:

  • Use motion detectors to sense when someone enters or leave an area
  • Dim, brighten or change hues as part of a desired “scene”
  • Automatically switch on as you arrive home after dark
  • Automatically turn on or off at certain times of the day
  • Be turned on or off remotely via mobile phone, an app or voice command
  • Sense natural light and respond accordingly


Modern smart home technology allows the home to intuitively respond to the needs of the household, and climate control is one of the most common ways this is employed.

Smart home climate control not only sees cooling and heating turn on and off in response to the temperature, but also offers a host of further features and flexibility.

Smart home climate control can:

  • Increase or decrease ventilation depending on temperature and occupancy
  • Start or shut down heating or cooling based on temperature
  • Open or close blinds depending on sunlight and temperature
  • Be switched on or off remotely
  • Operate as part of a “scene” to cool or heat your home
  • Turn temperature control on or off in specific areas

Energy efficiency

In an age where electricity prices and skyrocketing, and environmental footprint is at the front of many people’s minds, the smart home is set to play a vital role.

A key feature of smart home technology is the ability to monitor an environment and respond accordingly, eliminating excess power consumption and minimising costs.

Smart home energy efficiency can:

  • Enable you to monitor power consumption and shut down appliances drawing the most electricity.
  • Automatically alter environmentally friendly fixtures and fittings like blinds to reduce or raise the home’s temperature.
  • Allow you to remotely switch off devices that are using power.
  • Set appliances like washing machines to only operate at low peak times of the day


A critical element of the smart home is its ability to seamlessly interact and create specific scenes that intuitively respond to your lifestyle. In effect, this means any and all of the features above can be preset to create “scenes” that you control.

Smart home scenes can:

  • Ensure items interact – for example blinds close when you switch on the television
  • Welcome you home by turning on lighting, temperature control and even the oven as you drive home from work.
  • Give your home a specific ambience with mood lighting, music and garden lighting
  • Enter away mode, closing and locking doors, switching off lights and shutting down appliances.
  • Make your house look like someone’s there even when you’re not

In the next of our Smart Home Inspiration series, we’ll look into the ways smart home technology can improve safety, security and even assist with ensuring the elderly remain in their homes.

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