Smart offices adopting smart home tech



The smart home might steal much of the media limelight, but the technology that drives it is being employed far beyond just the environment in which we live. In fact, business is also a major driver of Smart Office Technology adoption as more and more offices see the very real value of employing its features to improve the environment of productivity of the workplace.

Here are five ways smart tech is put to work in the office, and why many businesses are keen to enjoy its use.

Smart offices

According to a UK survey conducted in 2017 by British Land, 90 per cent of decision-makers see a business reason for working in a smart office.

The Smart Offices: A 2017 Vision for the Future study targeted over 1063 London businesses and found 87 per cent of decision makers say they’ll require smart technology in their office the next time they move.

Key features office workers are looking for include:

  • Self-adjusting lighting and window shades (53 per cent don’t have this but think it would be helpful)
  • The ability to personalise heat and light settings for one’s immediate space, and have those settings follow you around the building (53 per cent)
  • Circadian lighting systems that mimic natural daylight (51 per cent)
  • Heat and lighting systems that adjust automatically according to weather and occupancy (50 per cent)

So, let’s investigate further why these features are considered so appealing.

Heating and cooling

Many an office worker bemoans the temperature of their work environment with the BBC citing a US study of 129 office workers that found 42% of people think their building is too warm, while 56% think it’s too cold.

Not only does temperature affect how people feel about their environment, it also has a direct impact on their productivity, recent research has found.

Smart thermostats are among the smart tech tools that can alleviate this issue, along with smart ventilation that offers health benefits to workers and energy saving for the office.

A little ambience

Whether your work environment is a shop, display centre, office or doctor’s surgery, additions like music have the potential to transform the mood of a workplace. And again, this is where smart technology comes into play. Smart speakers that can be controlled via apps or voice command enable environments to have different music play in different areas.  

Smart lighting

Just as temperature affects productivity, so too does lighting, with smart tech allowing this to be controlled at the push of a button. That means office environments now have greater control over the tone and brightness of lighting, along with the ability for it to automatically sense and respond to external light and switch off at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, further features like automated blinds enable the ambient lighting and temperature of a room to be automatically altered or changed on command.

Not only that, but smart tech enables the programming of automated scenes. Say for example you wish to host a multimedia presentation in the conference room – push a button and the lights dim, blinds close, and AV equipment switches on,

Energy efficiency

A major drawcard of smart tech is its energy efficiency, and for many office environments this is emerging as a prime reason to employ its use.

Energy Australia explains: “‘Smart’ switches allow you to monitor energy usage throughout the office, see exactly where it is being used and make any alterations to improve efficiency. By linking individual pieces of equipment to a smartphone or tablet, it’s possible to pinpoint waste, remotely switch off equipment and program schedules that turn the power off in certain areas.

“Given that the bulk of your time is spent outside the office (though it sometimes may not seem it) it makes sense not to have office equipment buzzing away when no-one is around.”

Greener and healthier credentials

Finally, the sensors and automation offered by smart tech enable the office environment to be more responsive and accommodating than ever before, which ultimately has workplace health and safety benefits.

Sensors can monitor airflow, lighting, heating and cooling while automation alters the environment to suit.

Meanwhile, the knowledge an office is energy efficient with greener credentials has appeal for the modern worker and manager alike.

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