The smart way to ensure property peace of mind



You know that sinking feeling? The one where you’re entrenched in a demanding task at work or navigating peak hour traffic on the M4 when a pressing question begins to nag…did I turn the iron off, or did I shut the garage, lock the front door, leave the loungeroom lights on etc?

In the smart home, these are questions you never need ponder again. Here’s how the smart home ensures peace of mind.

Remote access

A prime feature of the smart home is it has remote monitoring ability. And it works like this…the sensors that are an integral part of smart home installation allow you to access the status of a relevant item.

Feasibly that means if your front door lock has a sensor you can tell whether it’s locked or unlocked, and it’s the same with any appliances or powerpoints connected to the network.

The upshot is, when that question of whether you left something on, off, open or closed begins to nag, you can quickly go into the smart home app on your mobile and check what status the item is in.  

Remote access

While remote monitoring allows you to gauge what’s happening in the home, remote access provides even further peace of mind, allowing you to take remote action.

Say the front door is unlocked, remedying the security threat is as simple as pressing a virtual button on your app to fully secure the door. It’s the same with the garage door, the front gate or any appliances that you have failed to switch off. If it’s connected and set up on your smart home hub, you can take action to ensure peace of mind.

On the flipside, this also allows you to grant access to people remotely should the need arise. For example, a valuable package arrives and you’d prefer the courier left it inside your garage. Just have them call on arrival and you can open the garage door for the drop-off and secure it again when they leave.

In a further instance, imagine your mother experiences severe arthritis that sees her mobility affected in her home. She can utilise smart home tech to see who might be knocking at the door and let them in from the comfort of her chair if she desires.


Monitoring and access allow you to gauge your home’s status and take action, but when you combine that with scenes, the smart home moves to a whole new level.

You can establish all sorts of scenes that intuitively respond to your daily needs. Create a ‘leaving home’ scene that locks the front door, shuts down lights and turns off appliances. In this case locking up in the morning is as simple as a push of a single smart phone button.

Alternatively, connect your scenes to voice command to simplify things further.

Now you can rest assured everything is taken care of with a few simple words like: “Google, I’m leaving home”.

Automatic alerts

Not only does the smart home allow you peace of mind as to how you left your house, it can also alert you if something unexpected goes wrong.

Features like smart home security systems send automatic alerts if someone enters your property or rings the front doorbell. Combine this with CCTV and you can see exactly what’s going on.

Then there’s safety devices like smoke alarms that alert you to smoke in your home and can tell you which area is involved in any threat. You can take action like activating a sprinkler, automatically alert the fire brigade and record the entire incident on CCTV to assist with any insurance claim.

The final word

The smart home is all about simplicity and that incudes creating additional security and enabling peace of mind. That means you can rest assured that never again will you be plagued with doubt while caught in traffic on the M4.

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