The most popular features of a smart home



The automated smart home offers residents access to a host of great features that simplify, streamline and add extra convenience to everyday life. And when it comes to the functions within your home that you can automate, the options are almost limitless. 

So, how do you go about selecting the right automation features for you? Here’s a guide to some of the most popular and what they do.

Lighting control

Lighting control is one of the most popular automated features requested by our customers at Lera Smart Home Solutions.

At its simplest lighting control allows you to switch lights off or on via mobile phone, remote or voice control, but it can also allow you to set scenes within your home. In this instance lights in specific areas can be programmed or commanded to dim, change colour or switch off or on to reflect a desired mood or routine in the home.

There are a range of benefits to automated lighting, such as security, comfort and convenience, so let’s quickly walk through just a few.

Welcome home – Automated lighting can enable your house to welcome you home. Simply tell the app on your mobile you’re coming home, and it will use your GPS signal to gauge how far away you are. Then, when you’re within range, the lighting will automatically come on in your home.

While you’re away – Say you’re away on holidays but wish it to appear as if someone’s home -you can use automated lighting to make it appear as though your house is occupied.

Setting the scene – How about setting the mood for a party? That’s another feature lighting control effortlessly offers the home. You can establish mood settings and all sorts of scenes that transform your home for events or specific times of the day.

Automated blinds

This popular feature of automation might surprise people, but once you’ve seen automated blinds in action the benefits are obvious.

Basically, automated blinds allow you to close or open motorised roller blinds on command or when certain conditions are reached, and it can be a real benefit for the security, ambient temperature and functionality of your home. Here’s how…

Environment – Maintaining a consistent temperature within the home goes a long way to reducing your environmental footprint, and natural light is a key element in this. Automated blinds can be set to open or shut to block or allow light in, or can be set to open and shut at specific times of the day.

Ambience – So, it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re keen to catch the latest release on Netflix. Just activate the “movie watching scene” on your smart home controller and automated blinds and lighting will take care of the rest. Lights dim, blinds close and now you have your own private in-home cinema. 

Routine – There’s few things more pleasurable than waking to natural light in the morning or coming home to a house that feels warm, safe and secure. Automated blinds work in this scenario too, opening when you’re alarm goes off, or closing at sunset, even before you get home.

Door intercom

A door intercom is arguably one of the most popular smart home features due to the convenience it offers residents when they’re at home or away. Door intercoms allow you to be alerted when someone is at the front door, they also allow you to see and speak with them to understand what the person requires.

Security – The primary benefit of a door intercom is security, meaning you don’t have to open the door to see who wishes to speak with you and why they are there. This has huge advantages for people with disabilities or mobility issues, but it’s also beneficial to residents in general.

Convenience – Busy playing with the children when someone knocks at the door? This is where the door intercom comes into its own. You can be notified someone is at the door, speak with them and see them. You can also grant them access if you wish, without leaving the fun of the game that you’re playing.

Remote access – One of the best things about a door intercom is that it can notify you on your mobile phone that someone’s at your front door even when you’re away. So, if you’re at work when that long-awaited parcel is finally delivered, you can see the courier, speak with them and instruct them to leave the package somewhere secure.

Alarms and security cameras

On the note of security, alarms and security cameras are a natural asset and in-demand feature of the smart home. Alarms and security cameras allow you to consistently monitor your house for threats or danger, whether that’s a break-in, a water leak or a fire.

Meanwhile, cameras allow you to clearly understand what’s going on, and with the correct set-up you can have them record events that are unfolding.

Cameras and alarms can be used inside and outside the home, allowing you to gain a clear picture of what is happening everywhere in your domain.

Sound systems

Music is a welcome addition to any home, and sound systems allow you to enjoy this experience and further benefits like surround-sound movies.

Automated sound systems enable you to command your favourite music to play in one, two or all areas of the home. You can even set-up sound systems to play different music in different areas.

All this can be controlled from your mobile, tablet, by remote or desktop, offering an audio experience that is second to none.

Voice activation

Voice activation is currently one of the most sought-after features of the smart home, and it works to tie all the best smart home offerings together. Voice activation allows you to verbally command your home to undertake tasks, such as changing scenes, turning lights off or on, or activating entire sequences like morning routines or preparing the house for your arrival.

The addition of voice activation to the home enables it to become truly automated where your every wish is your voice activator’s command.

Need further inspiration?

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