The smart doorbell



They may seem a humble feature, but the smart doorbell has hit the headlines recently. So, what can a smart doorbell offer that makes them so newsworthy? Here’s a quick rundown of smart doorbells, what to look for and how they benefit the smart home.

Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are designed to take the legwork out of the smart home, while also offering security and additional convenience.

Ideally, they allow homeowners to ascertain who’s at the front door, speak with them over an intercom, see them remotely via video, record the footage and then grant remote entry if required.

But some product offerings are more user-friendly and comprehensive than others. The best will provide all capability in one compact device, and seamlessly interact with the entire home.

If you’re looking for a smart doorbell, here’s a few factors to consider.

What to look for

The first question anyone looking to install a smart doorbell should ask is: ‘what does the product in question do?’.

As more and more smart doorbells join the smart home product space, it’s apparent all are not created equal. Some offer just the ability to speak with the person at your front door and see them remotely from your home, while others cater to keyless entry. You need to consider exactly what you want your doorbell to be able to do.

Will it:

  • Alert you on your phone if someone is at the door?
  • Automatically record the arrival of visitors?
  • Allow you to speak with the person on your doorstep, from inside your home and remotely via smart phone with clear sound?
  • Allow you to provide pin access to welcome guests?
  • Allow you to open the door remotely?
  • Enable you to open the door by voice as you approach the home using biometrics?
  • Connect with a voice assistant?
  • Store recorded data on the Cloud or SD card?
  • How good is the recorded data i.e picture quality?

The Fibaro Intercom

Long established in the smart home realm, Fibaro has a smart doorbell that caters to all of the above.

Featuring a high definition 180-degree camera, it automatically records people approaching your home, and alerts you to their presence. The doorbell then enables residents to clearly speak with the people on their doorstep courtesy of directional microphones and noise reduction. If you’re not available, the doorbell can take a voice message.

It also features voice biometrics, so if you’re a home occupant you can unlock the door and enter by voice command, app, Bluetooth, or pin code. Meanwhile, guests can also be granted access via the pin code feature that comes as part of the package, or they can be let in remotely using the doorbell app.

The benefits of a quality smart doorbell

The upshot of a quality and truly smart doorbell is that it makes life easier. Whether you’re at work when a package arrives, are at home and otherwise occupied when someone comes to the front door, or have security concerns, smart doorbells like Fibaro offer peace of mind, reliability, compatibility with other smart home features and convenience.

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