Top predictions for smart home technology in 2018



It comes as little surprise that we’re in the middle of a revolution where more items in our daily lives are now connected through the Internet of Things. In 2018 this industry will continue to grow, and a major driver of the adoption will be the smart home. Here are the top predictions for smart home technology in 2018…

More products available

From your toaster to your clock, more and more products are becoming available that connect with each other to undertake tasks. All these items are part of the “Internet of Things” where simple items boast more complex “smart” capability and connect via the internet.

Forbes notes there are now an estimated 20 billion devices connected via the Internet of Things, but that’s just a drop in the ocean of what’s likely to come.

More intuitive

Not only will 2018 see more smart products on the market, they will be better at doing their intended job. Everything from your Smart TV to your tablet and smart oven will become faster and more intuitive.

AI moves in

On the note of intuition, a major driver of this ability to comprehend and understand user’s needs will be artificial intelligence (AI). At it’s simplest this means more and more smart products will not only do what they are intended to but learn along the way.

CEPro explains already this is occurring in smart home technology where items like thermostats learn the user’s preferences and behaviors, and then automate the temperature control without intervention.

“Now, there’s no stopping the movement,” they continue. “Cameras use AI to identify a person, possibly by matching the live face with images from Facebook. Security systems no longer alert homeowners only when a sensor is tripped, but also when something doesn’t look or sound right.”

The hub at the heart

Hubs will also see major improvements and adoption in 2018. Central players like Amazon Echo will continue their rollout, particularly in Australia where the technology is only now locally available. Meanwhile, voice activated hubs will become more fluent in language and more responsive as a result.

As voice activators move in, people begin to stretch their imaginations about what they can do. From turning off the lights, to ordering the weekly shopping, they will play more of a role in our daily lives.

CEPro continues: “A 2017 study by the research firm NPD found that voice assistants most definitely drive the adoption of connected devices. Among Amazon Echo owners, 48% bought their first home-automation product only after acquiring the Echo. Among Google Home owners, 57% purchased their first IoT device after the smart speaker entered their lives.”


And smart speakers with their voice assistants won’t be the only intuitive monitors hooked into the house. This year there are predictions wearable technology will play an increasing role within the smart home.

This technology could soon enable your home to respond to your physical needs – like change the lighting when your smart watch feels you’re getting tired or adjust the temperature of the home when it feels you are getting hot or cold.

From here to the future

All these are just some of the predictions about what 2018 may bring. But the reality is even at this moment smart home features are coming to a property near you. The key to embracing the movement is creating an ecosystem that can adapt to this changing future, while delivering the services you need now.

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We have sought some of the world’s most advanced smart home technology that allows our customers to enjoy the smart home today, and embrace the advancements of tomorrow.

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