Winter in the smart home



As the chill of winter sets in and the days are just that little bit shorter, there’s nothing nicer than coming home to a warm and welcoming house on a cool winter’s eve.

With automated features like lighting, heating and unlocking, the smart home is fully equipped to offer this winter refuge, ensuring even the most brisk winter evenings offer a sanctuary from the chill.

Let’s settle in and explore winter in the smart home.

Warm and welcoming

The deep dark depths of winter can see the sun rising as late as 7am and setting before 5pm, meaning many commuters leave for work or arrive home in the dark.

Not so long ago that return would see residents entering a cold, bleak house with a host of evening chores like cooking and washing ahead.

In contrast, the smart home offers a warm welcoming return to an environment set to your liking. Heating can be programmed to switch on as you leave work, it can commence at a pre-programmed time or be activated remotely by command.

Meanwhile in your absence, the home might have been busy employing tactics to harness and capture the natural heat of the day. Features like internal and external blinds can be set to automatically open to allow in sunlight, and then close as the sunshine fades to retain that latent heat.

Light and bright

Imagine driving towards a home that’s not only warm, but welcoming, light and bright, offering a beacon of comfort on a cold winter’s eve. In the smart home lighting can be programmed to activate as you approach the residence or come on at a specific time, meanwhile security gates and garage doors can also open automatically as your car drives in.

No more fumbling for remotes, no more leaving the comfort of your car to open the garage door in the cold.

Ready and waiting

Fancy a warm soup just minutes after you arrive home, a roast dinner or a nice coffee to take the chill off the day? The smart home offers this convenience as well, with smart appliances like ovens, kettles and slow cookers all able to be connected to the smart ecosystem. That means you can warm the oven before you arrive, have the coffee machine brewing away and set the slow cooker to finish your soup as you enter the comfort of home.

Setting the winter scene

One of the key features of truly automated smart homes is that they allow for the setting of scenes. That means come winter you can establish pre-programmed routines all devised to improve the comfort of your home.

Imagine coming home to a warm, light bright and ever-ready house was as simple as telling your smart home app you were leaving work. Knowing your GPS, the heating would switch on at just the right time, lights would activate on arrival and appliances would be ready and waiting to go.

Meanwhile, the evening news bulletin would have been recorded and the underfloor heating in the bathroom would be readying to offer toasty comfort in advance of the children’s evening bath.

These are just some of the features the smart home can offer to ward off the winter chill.

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