A word to the wise on voice activation



Smart speakers have been the big news in home automation over the past few months, with three major players all vying for the Australian market, but the voice activation ability they utilise is far from new.

So, what’s the big deal of voice activation and how does it help the smart home?

A quick explainer

Voice activation is a simple principle where you can verbally command your home to fulfil tasks. This can occur by mobile phone, tablet, PC or smart speaker but requires all fixtures and appliances you wish to control to be integrated into your smart home ecosystem.

Below are the ways you can control your home by voice.

A voice activator

The major players in the voice activator arena are currently Google, Apple, and Amazon. Each tech giant offers smart speakers and each has digital assistants.

Many would be familiar with these digital assistants quietly conversing in the digital realm. In the case of Google and Apple, these pop up on the general operating systems of their standard range of products. So, if you have a Windows PC, Android smart phone or tablet, Google Assistant is your ever-ready voice activated companion.

On your smart phone, PC or tablet Google Assistant is activated by the clicking the microphone icon or and verbally asking for a task to be completed or search to be undertaken.

In Apple’s case the digital assistant is Siri, and she operates in much the same way.

A speaker

While digital assistants have existed for a number of years, the array of smart speakers that accommodate them are a relatively recent addition to the Australian landscape. These smart speakers are specifically designed to be placed around the home and can be activated via voice command. The Google version is called Google Home, Apple has HomeKit and Amazon has the Echo range.

To activate each, it’s as simple as saying the digital assistant’s name. With Google Home, the speaker kicks off with “Hey Google” or “Google”. Apple’s HomeKit springs to life when you say: “Hey Siri”, and Amazon Echo gets to work when you say the words: “Hey Alexa”.

The mobile option

While many people like the convenience of a smart speaker that springs to life when you say its name, it isn’t the only way to control a home via voice command. You can also use your mobile phone, tablet or PC and employ the same technique.

And going mobile can add a whole range of welcome features to your smart home operation. It means you can be miles from home and use your smart phone to relay information to your house via verbal command.

Smart home compatibility

At Lera Smart Home Solutions, we have partnered with FIBARO as the supplier of our automated home technology. FIBARO is compatible with all major voice activators including the digital assistants and smart speakers of Google, Apple, and Amazon.

About Lera

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