Four ways smart homes reduce break-ins



Security is a major concern for most home owners, with break-ins among the potential threats that many fear.

And with statistics indicating a home in Australia is broken into roughly every three minutes, it’s a reasonable concern to have.

The good news is the automated home can alleviate that threat, so here’s an insight into how smart homes reduce break-ins.

Cycled lighting

Most break-ins occur when the home owner is away, with vacant properties renowned for their vulnerability. Not so long ago, protecting homes against this involved timers and lighting to make it appear as if the home owner was there.

The trouble with the old-school method is often it’s predictable with lights coming on at exactly the same time for the same duration each day.

But with the smart home you can set lighting to switch on whenever you want and involve other appliances like televisions as well.

You can program a lighting sequence that varies each day, play music, switch on the TV, or even manually switch on lights from afar. The upshot is your home can behave exactly the same way it would if you were in attendance.

Smart doorbells

The smart doorbell offers a wealth of benefits when it comes to protecting the home. Options like Fibaro include an immediate alert that someone’s at the door along with the ability to speak to them. You can also see by camera exactly who’s come-a-calling and grant them entry remotely if you choose.

The benefit is, even though you may be in the Bahamas, it appears as if you’re in your loungeroom answering the door electronically from the comfort of inside the home. And if people have bad intentions you can immediately alert police and furnish them with a record of the interaction.


On the subject of monitoring, smart sensors like Fibaro’s motion sensor also serve the purpose of protecting the home. Able to be positioned anywhere, they can alert you to movement inside or outside the house, and allow you to take action if activity is of concern.

That means you can track movement in your lounge room or even garden, and potentially record exactly what’s happening. Smart sensors can also be connected to other smart home features so security lighting will activate and an alarm can sound.

Security lighting

While we’re talking security lighting, this is an integral feature many smart home occupants seek. Lighting can automatically activate when it senses motion and can be adjusted to distinguish between the neighbourhood cat and an intruder.

The final word

The smart home is all about added convenience and ultimate liveability, and peace of mind is just one factor that it offers to occupants.

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