The small things that add up in the smart home



In the smart home world there’s a lot of talk about the big-ticket assets smart technology can offer, such as greater security, increased convenience and improved energy efficiency.

But how does this technology help improve your lifestyle on an average given day? Well, the ultimate answer is each action the smart home undertakes is designed to make life easier and it happens in a series of ways. Here’s an insight into the small things that add up in the smart home…

More time

Life is busy, we know. It’s a juggling act between work, family, fitness and friends. Never before have we as a society been so time poor, but in every fibre of its being, the smart home is designed to assist.

It’s created to shave time from the mundane tasks of life and it’s available to take the guess work out of running a home.

Whether it’s automatically locking your house by voice command in the morning, allowing you to remotely see who’s at the front door, or enabling you to enter your property without fumbling for keys and scrambling for remotes, the smart home is about seamless living.

As Jeremy Senior, Samsung Australia director of home appliances told the Daily Telegraph, the entire point of new tech products is to make life easier, “whether that’s giving people back time, support with food management, or more effective laundry and washing”.

Greater control

Your home is your castle, and the smart home is here to ensure you are rightfully and comfortably welcomed to the throne. It’s designed to allow you to create varied environments that are just as you like them which you can call upon at will anytime and even anywhere.

From automated climate control to scenes that alter the lighting, the music and the ventilation, the smart home is about setting up your home to respond as you wish, with a tap on a tablet or by simple voice command.

Real peace of mind

With greater control comes real peace of mind. Never again do you need to wonder whether the front door is locked or your garden is parched and dry. The smart home offers real-time information on the status and security of your home.

It can be set up to automatically alert you to threats of fire, break-in or flood and if you want to know whether the gate is ajar, just check in on your smart phone app.

Need to lock that gate, or water that garden? Then the smart home takes care of that too. Just command it to take an action or have it automatically respond. Voila, crisis averted, now back to more pressing tasks at hand.

The smart home may be about energy efficiency, convenience and security, but each day it offers so much more. At its heart it’s about making life simpler so you have the time, the space and the environment to enjoy the important things in life.

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